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Become a member and every month you'll be planting trees, receiving gift cards and VIP perks.

Hassle free - pause, unpause, and edit your membership right from your account!

Helping the environment has never been this easy (or rewarding!)

How it works

Select Your Membership

Select any of the membership tiers (first month is paid immediately and subsequent months are paid on the 1st) to be featured on the top planters page with a link to your social media.

Members are ranked based on the amount of trees they have planted, by most to least.

Shortly after becoming a member, you will receive an email from staff. They will ask what you would like to put for your name/handle and for your social media, so people can follow you.

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You Receive Rewards

Every member begins planting a number of trees, based on the membership that they've selected (yes, you can actually begin planting real trees with us for just $2).

Each member receives a monthly e-gift card in their email for the full amount of their membership price, essentially making it free to become a member!

Members will also receive a number of extra exclusive offers and benefits (early access, free shipping offers, free item offers, etc.)


$2.00 Membership

1 Tree / $2 Monthly Gift Card

$10.00 Membership

5 Trees / $10 Monthly Gift Card

$30.00 Membership

15 Trees / $30 Monthly Gift Card

Elite Memberships

$50.00 Membership

25 Trees / $50 Monthly Gift Card

$100.00 Membership

50 Trees / $100 Monthly Gift Card

Adventure Club

Select A Membership

Purchase options

Subscription detail

You can edit, skip, reschedule and cancel subscription anytime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adventure Club

Always happy to see my Adventure Club e-mail come up each month, the products are high quality and the extra goodies are so exciting! Every order I have a new fav :) Stock sells fast it would be great to see some more XS items!

Martina Shane

Hi. i have participated since april in the 2$ adventure club .i have email receipts for 5 months @ 2$. It shows ive only" planted " 2 trees in top planters on website. . Shouldnt it be 5 ? Ty

No communication except for payments

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really noticed a benefit to joining this. It be nice if we are helping the environment and planting trees, to get a report or pictures so we can see the trees are being planted and how many. Sort of disappointing…

Jeremy Schmidt
Love the Club

I love the products and selection available. I know things sell out fast but I can’t wait for more stock to come in. The donation for trees is so rewarding and to get that amount back to put towards product is perfect. Thank you for letting me apart of the team and stay tuned for the adventures I will be showcasing the product!!

Casey Ekiss
Adventure Club

Adventure Club is an awesome way to get great gear while continuing to help the environment. And the new format is amazing. Instead of being sent specific items each month that you may/may not like you get a monthly gift card that you can use or save for any of their apparel or items that you have your eye on.