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About Us

What is The Great North?

A lot of people immediately think of a giant, snowy landmass, and while they may not be wrong, we believe that it’s a representation of the strength and beauty that our world has to offer.

The mountain. Our logo features a mountain range, one that we imagine reaches far above the clouds encompassing a serene beauty, a remote hidden gem. When you’re standing at the foot of a mountain looking up, it’s almost like nothing else exists, just you and the mountain. You feel a connectedness. A connection to something so massive it’s hard to even grasp the grandness, but here you are, admiring the naturally sculpted architecture, feeling the stillness of the air. Almost like time isn’t moving at all. #beauty

The Polar Bear. Our logo also features a polar bear. Strong and fierce, capable of surviving in the harshest climates and making it through unimaginable storms. Striving to move forward, make progress and never give up. A loyal loving  companion or a relentless unstoppable force. #strength

We believe everyone has their own strength and beauty that comes in many different forms. The Great North is your brand. Dedicated to you. Let’s show you to the world!