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My name is Travis and I’m the owner of The Great North. Jordan (you may have spoke to her on our Instagram account) and I started this brand when we saw an opportunity to help young influencers really create something special. We’re not just another clothing line. Our brand is dedicated to showing off our brand ambassadors wearing our apparel to millions and making them a part of something great.

Our brand is only as unique as those who represent us.

Congratulations and welcome to The Great North. We’re excited to work with you as a brand ambassador.

Our goal is to make your participation extremely fun and rewarding by supporting a great cause, rewarding you for your success, and sharing you and your personal brand with the world. The Great North is a premium lifestyle brand, one of the fastest growing brands in Canada (top 1%) and we’ve got your back. Our ambassadors make more than ambassadors from any other program.



The jist of it

Unlike many programs we provide you with a followers link to share with your followers, instead of a coupon code. The reason for this is it feels more organic for your followers as they don't feel like you're trying to sell them something (we all know by now a coupon code is giving someone a commission), but instead they see you're excited to support a great cause and a very high quality brand - we get emails and messages daily that The Great North apparel is the comfiest in the wardrobe.


To add; click on edit profile and submit it under website, not bio

SHARE YOUR FOLLOWERS LINK IN BIO, CAPTIONS, OR STORIES. This will bring your followers to, they only have to click your followers link once and you'll get credit forever on all orders!! Your followers will receive an enticing discount once they click your link.


This is also a great way to showcase your talents to other brands and begin or continue your role as an influencer on Instagram. Other brands will take note and will see a high value on the service you provide as an influencer.


Getting started

Remember your following looks up to you. Most of our brand ambassadors find an increase in sales by choosing to wear The Great North apparel themselves in a post and then posting their followers link in the caption. We’ve gone ahead and made this super simple for you:

1. You will receive 50% off your orders, no limits.

2. We will feature your quality post on The Great North Instagram page at peak times and tag your profile as well as the online store

3. We will use your post as an advertisement with our paid partners exposing you to millions of their followers and you will be tagged as the brand ambassador/model.



Don't share this with anyone (we will know)

Personal 50% off code:




Add your discount code (TGYOU638) in order summary.



Getting started is easy

1. Get your apparel (Optional) - Use your 50% off code and order some of The Great North apparel. The brand ambassadors who choose to wear The Great North apparel in a post make much more on average than those who don’t.

2. Get creative - Once you have received your apparel, you can now start taking some amazing pictures. Be silly, get wild, look hot, but most importantly have fun! You can invite friends and make a day of it on the beaches, in the mountains, around town, or just at home.

3. Get posting - Make a post on Instagram with your new picture(s) and tag us @the.great.north.apparel. Post your followers link in the caption. Send the original to

4. Get featured - We will post your picture to our high traffic Instagram and website. You will be tagged with your followers link so people can click to your profile or use your followers link and grant you commission. We will also submit brand ambassadors posts to our paid sponsors with a tag to you and The Great North, granting you international exposure in multiple ways to millions of users. Quality standards apply of course.

5. Get paid - When anyone uses your followers link from any source you make a commission.

How do you get paid?

We send all payments via paypal. Your followers link binds to an ip address of who ever clicks it and will automatically associate any purchases they make with your referral and instantly email you a notification!

Your personal ambassador zone: Ambassador Zone

 Get your followers link by going to the ambassador zone, logging in, going to the ambassador zone again (we're fixing this) and clicking on the second link "followers link"



Contact us with any questions

Warm regards, 

Travis Baskin

Dundas, On, Canada
The Great North™